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Linda Larsen, CSP

Funny Motivational Speaker

"A smash hit!...side-splitting hilarious...meaningful and insightful" - just a few of the comments from meeting planners world-wide who chose Linda as their conference keynote speaker for their event. Linda brings all the elements that you look for in a funny motivational speaker: high energy, laughter, interaction, customization, surprises at every turn and content you can use to transform your business and your life. Delivered in a package that is entertaining and fun - she's a "meeting planner's dream."

Linda's goal is to find out what YOUR objectives are for your meeting, how you want people to feel, and what you want them to be able to do better as a result of hearing her speak. She will then design a program specifically around those objectives and wrap it in one of the most entertaining, fun and high-energy presentations possible. She will come early, stay late, be the easiest, most prepared hassle-free professional speaker you've ever worked with - AND promises to deliver a performance that will EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

If you are looking for a funny motivational speaker who can deliver the solutions, outcomes and fun YOU want for your group, then call us at 941-927-4700 and we'll secure your date for you.

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Linda Larsen Funny Motivational Spaeaker


Linda Larsen Funny Motivational Speaker Comedy


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Linda LOVES presenting for ALL groups, but she is particularly popular as a motivational speaker in certain industries. She's a very funny keynote speaker for women's groups (both professional and women's wellness groups), and is in constant demand as a conference speaker for healthcare organizations (her social work roots go deep!) and keynote presenter for education groups (once a teacher, always a teacher!)