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Certified Virtual Presenter


For Meeting Planners
You've Booked Linda! Now What?
Audio / Visual Needs



Wireless lavaliere microphone


Unless other arrangements are made ahead of time, Linda will bring her laptop computer from which she will run her PowerPoint presentation. She will also bring the remote. Linda’s PowerPoint presentation has embedded audio clips and video clips and so the client will need to make arrangements with the on-site audio/visual technician to provide audio out cables. LINDA REQUESTS THAT HER LAPTOP BE ON THE STAGE WITH HER DURING HER PRESENTATION, ON A SMALL TABLE, WIRED FOR VIDEO AND FOR SOUND. IF FOR SOME REASON THIS CANNOT BE ACCOMMODATED, PLEASE CONTACT LINDA TO DISCUSS OPTIONSWe will discuss this with you and your audio/visual technician in more detail prior to your event.

Visual Aids

LCD Projector and screen of appropriate size for audience. Equipment should have the capacity to play audio and video from Linda’s PowerPoint presentation.

Audio / Video Recording

No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Linda’s prior written permission.


After discussing your needs, Linda may create a handout to go along with her presentation. If a handout is created, it will be emailed to the meeting planner no later than 10 days prior to the event for duplication and distribution.

"...most outstanding
sincere and moving..."

"In my more than twenty years of managing conventions, I can truly say that Linda Larsen is one of the most outstanding, sincere, and moving speakers with whom it has been my pleasure to work."

– Phil Pyster, CAE, President
Crow Segal Management Co., Inc.